Monday, August 18, 2008

The Seasons are 'a Changin'

There is something comforting about the regular passage of the seasons. The arrival and departure of the birds, the lengthening and shortening of daylight hours, and the blooming and passing of plants. Although the days have been shorter, the heat has been increasing. Why is that? I'm sure someone must have found an answer to that question before.

The dog days of summer have definitely been in full force the last few weeks. But last week we had some rain and the temperature moderated for a day or two. And it is raining again. Hi's today in the mid-80's! Hallelujah!

I think I have now been in this area too long. I was looking around yesterday, thinking things were looking nice and green. Ha! I can remember when I first moved here how washed out the greens looked. I am sure they still appear that way to someone who lives where green is really green. But where brown is the dominant color (especially in the summer), a little green can make quite the difference.

The birds are starting to move. The Purple Martins have gone. I haven't seen any Western Kingbirds in a few days, but I am sure that has been because I haven't been out much. They should still be hanging around for another few weeks.

I haven't seen any of the winter birds moving in yet, but it won't be long. This weekend I was puttering around and started thinking about cleaning out my feeders. Although I keep one or two up all year, it's a little early to put them all up, so I convinced myself to wait.

Good birding!

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