Friday, August 22, 2008

Surprises Every Day

One just never knows what one may encounter in the world of birds from day to day.

I rehab wildlife at Wild Bird Rescue in Wichita Falls, TX. I got an email today from Bob, the Executive Director, with a picture of a green pigeon (shown left).
My initial thought was that someone had dyed the bird. However, I went to look and if it is a dye job, it is a very good one. The picture doesn't do the bird justice--it's coloring is beautiful. The underwings are white with a pale green near the leading edge of the wing, fading to a more pale color. We'll watch while the bird is recovering to see if any new feathers grow in and what color they are.
Cornell's Lab of Ornithology has a citizen science project on pigeon coloration (see So I sent them an email with a photo to see what they might think.
Good birding!

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