Saturday, August 23, 2008

Texas Birds Annual A Great Read

When I first joined the Texas Ornithological Society (TOS), I can say it wasn't for the publications. They were somewhat of a disappointment, when I got them. However, since Jack Eitnier took over as publications editor for TOS a couple of years ago, the quality has vastly improved.

I just received the newest copy of the Texas Birds Annual and it is a winner. Beautiful photos and a variety of interesting articles. I especially enjoyed "Swifts Over Houston" since I am a huge fan of chimney swifts and helped build a chimney swift tower at Wild Bird Rescue in Wichita Falls (OK, full disclosure: my husband actually did all of the actual construction--I just did some fetch and carry. My contribution was lobbying to get it built--hey, that's work!)

The article on the "Birder's Colony" brought back fond memories of my trip to the Rio Grande Birding Festival in November 2006, when I had a chance to visit the property, hosted by the Dewinds. Although the Dewinds no longer host the site, I was glad it remains open to visitors, maintained by the Valley Land Fund.

The publication is not yet available on the TOS website, but hopefully, some articles will be posted soon.

Good birding!

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