Saturday, August 23, 2008

Texas Birds Annual Is Here

The Texas Ornithological Society (TOS) Texas Birds Annual came in the mail yesterday. Another great job by Jack Eitniear, the Editor. I can remember when I joined TOS some years ago that I was disappointed in the quality of the publications. Not so now. Since Mr. Eitniear took over publications, Texas Birds and the newsletter have improved vastly. Beautiful photos and clear articles by TOS members and others. The new Annual is not yet posted to the TOS website.

I love chimney swifts, so especially liked the "Swifts Over Houston" article. Also, the article on the "Birder's Colony" brought back good memories--I visited there during the Rio Grande Birding Festival in November 2006. As it turns out, this was the last year the Dewinds hosted visitors to this location. Although they no longer host visitors, I am glad the property is now maintained by the Valley Land Fund and remains open to visitors. A lot of other wonderful articles for casual or more dedicated birders.

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