Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why A Charm of Finches?

I wanted to start a discussion of birds and birding for other fans of these interesting and beautiful creatures. However, the problem was coming up with a title. I am not all that original; everything I thought of had been taken. So I started looking at various bird-related websites and came across, which is a list of terms for groups of birds. Honestly, I just liked a "charm of finches," so there you have it.

I plan to use this space primarily to talk about birding in Texas. Birders know Texas is a hotspot for birds, but not all of us live in the tourist areas. I live in Wichita Falls, TX, which is almost on the Oklahoma border. When I moved here, I thought this was the worst place possible for birding. I was mistaken. So this blog will talk about the neat birds, overlooked birding spots, and the daily surprises and disappoinments of a regular birder. However, I do have the chance to travel around the state (and sometimes other places), so this won't be just about Wichita Falls. Hopefully, writing a blog will help get me out of the house and the office and in the field more often.

Good birding,

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