Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bird Watchers Protested at Republican National Convention

I was watching what little there was of the RNC Convention yesterday on Fox News, my husband's favorite source of news (and we won't get into that domestic controversy here).

On an obviously slow convention news day the Britt Hume reported on a group (Good Conduct Society) at the RNC protesting bird watchers. Supposedly, bird watchers have a more active sex life and some bird watchers have a voyeuristic need to watch birds mate for "vicarious sexual gratification." This seems to be a non sequitur; it would seem if one had such a great sex life, you would not need to watch birds' mating habits for gratification. Maybe I have been going at things all wrong.....

Personally, I think this is a group of people having a good time, hoping to make the national spotlight for their 15 minutes of fame. Looks like it worked. Birdchick.com thinks their sights are much higher--the Daily Show. In the meantime, check out their admittedly sparse website at StopBirdPorn.org. The discussion board is hilarious. You don't need to work today, do you?

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Jim Miller said...

OMG! And what about those of us--and you KNOW who we are--who gladly suffer swarms of mesquitos, prickly cacti and thorny mesquites on the off chance we may get close enough to observe coyotes coupling, bobcats cuddling or white-tails prancing, dancing and otherwise acting like vixens? Or is it only foxes who are vixens? I suppose I can take some comfort in knowing the Republican Party wouldn't have me even if (fat chance) I wanted them! Anybody see where I laid my camera???