Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Love the Discovery Channel

I am not a big TV watcher overall; neither am I often able co-opt the remote control from my husband. But I did last night.

My husband and I watch football together. It is about the only thing we both like, so Monday Night Football is rather like "date night" for us. Anyway, last night the Cowboys were playing and neither of us is a Cowboy fan. I know that is sacriligious in Wichita Falls, but there it is. We root for whatever team is playing against them, if we watch them play at all. So my husband went back to the office to play on the computer and said he would check in periodically on the game. So I flipped over to the Discovery Channel.

A great show about cloning dinosaurs ala Jurassic Park. So what does that have to do with birds? Well, the discussion was that it would be easier to reverse engineer a bird than to piece together the small pieces of DNA available through fossils and other remnants of dinosaurs for cloning. They were showing the many similarities between birds and dinosaurs and how a modification to various control genes caused dinosaur characteristics to show in birds. Characteristics like longer tails and teeth. Overall, fascinating. You would think after watching the show for an hour I would have caught the name of the program, but I didn't.

We did end up watching most of the Cowboys/Eagles game. It was a very good game, although in the end, the wrong team won....

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