Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter Storm

We had a big storm in the wee hours of the morning. It was not a snow and ice storm (although they do happen often enough over the winter). After several days of freezing temperatures, we had a very warm day yesterday, which warmed things up enough for a winter thunderstorm. We had a humdinger of an electrical storm early this morning. I got up and went around the house powering down and unplugging computers before going back to my snug bed.

We obviously got more bluster than rain. We needed the rain; it has been very dry here. Although we didn't get near the amount of rain one would think from all of the noise, we did get some. Enough to fill up the bird bath anyway. That's good news for the birds, and they are taking advantage of it. All morning there has been a steady stream of little birds bathing. No sooner does one set of little birds get out, then the next set jump in. The way they all throw water around in their exuberance, I doubt the water will last more than a few hours.

Good birding!

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