Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I started 2009 on an up note. I got up a little late after playing taxi for my daughter last night (I am very grateful she has the sense to make arrangements for this.) I didn't get out to fill my bird feeders until a little after 8. A crisp, sunny morning.

My first bird of the new year was the cedar waxwing. I had been wondering where they have been. Some of my birding friends have been seeing and hearing them for weeks, but I have not been so lucky. But when I walked out my back door this morning, their call was the first thing I heard. There was a flock of about a dozen sitting in the top of my neighbor's tree.

Such a wonderful bird to start the new year--I am taking the experience as a good omen for 2009.

Good birding!

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