Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's Not ALL About the Birds

Although I have a special passion for the birds, I am interested in all nature's creatures. Consequently, one of the groups I am a member of is the The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. The Fall 2008 copy of Wings, the organization's magazine came yesterday. I very much enjoy the pictures and articles.

This month I was thrilled to see an article on freshwater mussels (I participate in the TPWD Nature Trackers Mussel Watch program) and one on grasshoppers, which I promised to learn more about in the coming year. The organization recently revamped its website, making it a wonderful resource for anyone interested in invertebrates. The website is Check it out. If you have any interest in these fascinating creatures, consider the $25 membership--it's worth the money.

Cool quote from Fall 2008 Wings article, "Small Animals That Pack a Big Punch:"

"Bugs are not going to inherit the earth. They own it now. So we might as well make peace with the landlord." Tom Eisner, former Xerces Society president.

Good birding!

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