Monday, March 23, 2009

Nice Walk on the Chat Trail

The Chat Trail in Lake Wichita Park is a favorite with the local birders. I finally found out what the name means. The small bits of gravel on the trail is called "chat," thus the name.

Anyway, Saturday morning I did make a short stop and walked back to the tank on the chat trail. It was beginning to mist a little. Unfortunately, we did not get any rain. But I did see and hear a few birds: Cardinal, Great-tailed grackle, Mourning dove, Bewicks' wren, Bufflehead, Northern shoveler, Common Coot, Mallard, Ruddy duck, Great blue heron, Rock pigeon, Northen mockingbird, Yellow-rumped warbler, Robin, Double-crested cormorant, Dark-eyed junco, White-crowned sparrow, Eurasian collared dove, White-winged dove, and Red-winged blackbird.

Good birding!

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