Monday, March 23, 2009

Purple Martins Back

Although there have been reports of scouts for a few weeks, I didn't see any purple martins myself until last week, when a few pair started to take up residence at the martin house at Wild Bird Rescue.

Bob Lindsay, the Executive Director, told me there was a starling also trying to move in, but I didn't see him. Bob said the martins were harassing the starling and one martin had tangled with him enough to bring both birds to the ground. As of Saturday, I saw not evidence of any starling in the vicinity of the house--just 3 pair of martins going in and out. They are rather noisy birds--chattering constantly. There are room for a few more pair; hopefully, we'll have a full house this year.

Now I am waiting for the chimney swifts to move in.

Good birding!

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