Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cattle Egret Rookery

I was tooling down Kell Blvd West and saw a bunch of white birds in a tree off to the right at Harrison. I go by that intersection at least 3 times a week. There were at least 50 cattle egrets in a clump of large trees in the apartments there. I know the management has to be oh-so-excited about that.

Since I go by there so often, I couldn't believe I wouldn't have noticed that many birds before now, but obviously, I didn't. I went by on the access road later in the day, just to confirm the birds were really there, and yes, they were.

An interesting note that there were several adult great-tailed grackles interspersed in the same trees. I am surprised the egrets would allow this since grackles tend to predate young birds. I'll have to go by again on the way home and check that out in more detail.

Good birding!

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