Sunday, July 5, 2009

Breeding Bird Survey--Charlie/Byers Area

Yesterday I dragged my husband out for the breeding bird survey of the route that begins in Charlie, TX. He's not a real morning person, but he will go with me if I am short a partner as the routes are somewhat remote.

Nothing extra special on this route, although it was still a good day. I was glad to note that the property with the prairie dog town on it had not yet plowed the field--the owner had indicated they were going to do so, and I was hoping they would hold off until after the burrowing owl nesting. It appears they did and we did see a couple of burrowing owls as a consequence--always a treat.

As with the Beaver Creek route, there were a lot of painted buntings--most heard, but several seen.

Another great morning of birding--now all I have to do is get the reports done (sigh...)

Good birding!

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