Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beautiful Morning in Lucy Park

It was clear, in the mid 60's and wet in Lucy Park this morning. With the recent rains, new plants are sprouting everywhere--you would think it was spring time.

Anyway, between the blue jays and the fox squirrels, I wasn't going through the park unnoticed this morning; however, I still saw a few good birds. On my list this morning were: blue jay, rock pigeon, northern cardinal, tufted titmouse, Carolina chickadee, European starling, great egret, common grackle, great-tailed grackle, red-bellied woodpecker (several), white-winged dove (over 50 in one flock), downy woodpecker, mourning dove, Carolina wren, Mississippi kite, great crested flycatcher, scissor-tailed flycatcher, house finch, great blue heron, mallard duck, and Canada goose.

It looks like there will be a few more pecans this year than last (which wouldn't take much as last year's crop was nearly a complete bust.) The squirrels were everywhere harvesting acorns and the first of the pecans. I was scolded away from their trees all along my walk.

One interesting thing: a gentleman was sitting on one of the benches at the duck pond throwing bread to the domestics there and the great blue heron was standing just a few feet away in the open. I have never seen one allow anyone to get so close, but it seemed unfazed. I would imagine the man makes a regular routine of visiting, and the heron has become used to his visits.

Good birding!

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