Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Robin Morning

I decided to walk a portion of the Falls Trail from the entrance to Lucy Park to the pedestrian bridge behind the MPEC/Coliseum this morning and document some invasives while birding (I wrote about the invasives in Living Green in Wichita Falls this AM.) It was a relatively quiet morning birding wise, but the one bird that was definitely noticeable was the robin.

The robins were very active this morning, flying along the trails like they were tracking me and telling everyone exactly where I was. Dozens of robins flew from tree to tree along the thrail.

Robins form large flocks in the fall and winter and seem to me to be more boisterous once the babies have all fledged. Robins do migrate southward in the winter from the northernmost portion of their range, so we seem to have more robins in the winter than the summer.

Other birds noted included: Eastern phoebe, blue jay, Eurasian collared dove, cardinal, Carolina chickadee, yellow-shafted flicker, killdeer, mockingbird, common grackle, house finch, great-tailed grackle, and European starling.

Good birding!

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