Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two Good Birds in Lucy Park This Morning

It was a beautiful morning in Lucy Park this morning. Bright sunshine and cool weather made a super combination for my walk.

I didn't see a lot of birds, but did see a couple of good ones. My first spotted towhees of the season were sorting through the leaves of the ground for their breakfast. Both appeared to be males. As I was walking along the path by the duck pond, a red-headed woodpecker was on a snag in clear view. I used to see red-headed woodpeckers in Lucy Park fairly often, but haven't for 2 or 3 years. Some of the other members of the bird club have mentioned the same thing, so it was a pleasant surprise to see one this morning.

In addition to these treats, I saw the following: Carolina chickadee, blue jay, house finch, cardinal, robin, red-bellied woodpecker, mallard, Canada goose, commong grackle, house sparrow, mockingbird, mourning dove, slate-colored junco, white-winged dove, starling, pigeon, and ring-billed gull.

Good birding!

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