Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cold Weather Means Feeder Overflow

Cedar waxwing in rehab. Photo courtesy of Wild Bird Rescue.
We have some cold, wet weather coming through, with some snow possible overnight. Even if I didn't hear it on the news, I would know it by the numbers of birds at the feeders today--the birds are absolutely mobbing them. This is normal behavior before a cold front.
Usually, I don't see cedar waxwings at the feeders. Technically, I didn't today, but I did have one at the bird bath near the feeders. The bird bath was also full of birds bathing. You have to wonder about getting wet when it's cold, but bathing keeps feathers in good condition and good feathers are absolutely essential to survival.
I don't usually see just one cedar waxwing either--there is usually a flock. So I did look out front in the tops of my trees and there was a small flock of 7 in the oaks. When it started raining, the cedar waxwings were enthusiastically showering and preening.
Good birding!

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