Monday, December 14, 2009

Lake Wichita Park on Sunday

I hope the weather is as clear as it was on Sunday for the Chirstmas Bird Count next week. The morning was bright and sunny. A heavy frost covered the ground and trees when I started down the chat trail, but soon burned off.

At the entrance to the chat trail were seven white-tailed deer who stood for a few minutes checking me out before they ran into the wooded area to the right.

I only walked down to the the barrow pit and across the birdge up to the dam, so not a long walk at all. I saw Canada geese, cardinals, double-crested cormorants, white-winged doves, robins, red-winged balckbirds, bufflehead, song sparrows, white-crowned sparrows, great blue heron, coots, ruddy ducks, ring-billed gulls, canvasback, downy woodpecker, meadowlark sp, mourning dove, white pelicans, killdeer, gold finches, and house finches.

Good birding!

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