Sunday, January 24, 2010

Busy Morning at the Feeders

We had a thunderstorm last evening with some short-lived, but heavy rain. I decided to go to Lucy Park this morning for my walk. It was cloudy and in the 40's; and there was a little sprinkle of rain, but not enough to keep me home. It wasn't a great birding morning; but neither was it terrible. The birds I saw/heard this morning included: tufted titmouse, blue jay, cardinal, mockingbird, slate-colored junco, yellow-rumped warbler, red-bellied woodpecker, northern flicker, Canada goose, mallard, starling, white-winged dove, cedar waxwing and rock pigeon.

I went by Wild Bird Rescue and noted a flock of about 30 coots on the cove. Since I have been home, the feeders have been active with cardinal, junco, house sparrow, house finch, white-winged dove, goldfinch, spotted towhee and Harris' sparrow.

Like I said, not a bad morning overall. But even a bad morning would be better than a morning doing almost anything else.

Good birding!

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