Sunday, May 16, 2010

Need Bird Pictures

American tree sparrow, From Wikipedia Commons, Dominic Sherony

I am finishing up my presentation about sparrows today for Tuesday's North Texas Bird and Wildlife Club meeting. I always have trouble finding good photos, since I am not a photographer myself.

I have been finding small caches of public domain photos, or photos that can be used with attribution (which of course, I would do), but some of the lesser known (or better termed, less spectacular) birds are difficult to find. I should have guessed wikipedia would have an answer. In the wikipedia commons, there are thousands of photos, free for use. That is where I found the photo above.

I also found today an open source of bird song recordings through a post on the OKBIRDS listserv. Thanks to all of those who share their work. I hope these photos will make this blog more interesting going forward. Who wouldn't want to be able to see the beautiful birds we're talking about?

Good birding!

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