Monday, July 19, 2010

Last Post of Vacation

I got back last week from vacation and have had a few people ask me about the days after my last vacation post--I guess some folks do read this blog. Anyway, I did not have a single chance to go purposely birding the entire trip. However, in addition to the birds I posted previously, I did see a crested caracara in flight in Florida and a field full of ibis (both white and glossy) in Alabama. So although I didn't see a lot of birds, I did have the opportunity to see a few good ones. A fair number of red-tailed hawks were active along the roadways as well as large numbers of vultures, both turkey vultures and black vultures.

Since I got back, I have been avoiding the heat (heat indices over 100 are not my idea of nice weather). However, the birds out back have been singing away. The Bewick's wren was singing his heart out this AM. Don't forget to keep your water features full for the birds--they need the water when it is this hot.

Good birding!

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