Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Birding

I spent Labor Day morning at Lake Wichita. I went first to Lake Wichita Park and then over to the spillway.

My favorite bird of the morning was a spotted sandpiper at the spillway. I like this shorebird, because it is easy to identify, even if you don't see it well. It teeters constantly. I did see some other peeps at the barrow pit, but was unable to identify them.

Another highlight was a belted kingfisher. The bird appeared to be an immature one in the short glimpse I had. I used to see a kingfisher almost every morning along the chat trail at Lake Wichita Park, but haven't seen one in months. However, Monday morning I was lucky. I am glad one has taken up residence in this area again.

Ducks are beginning to congregate again. Along with several mallards, there were 15 blue-winged teal on the barrow pit. From the spillway, I was able to see two large flocks of great egrets and snowy egrets as well as a number of individual birds (well over 100 birds.) They are getting ready to leave for the winter.

Lots of birds and wonderful weather. A great birding morning. Birds seen: Mississippi kite, Eurasian collared dove, cardinal, blue jay, scissor-tailed flycatcher, chimney swift, great blue heron, white-winged dove, mourning dove, turkey vulture, robin, red-winged blackbird, great egret, killdeer, blue-winged teal, double-crested cormorant, European starling, mallard, belted kingfisher, barn swallow, house finch, snowy egret, and spotted sandpiper.

Good birding!

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