Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Morning After

Is there anything better than a walk the morning after a big rain? We've had a couple of days of storms--this morning was beautiful at Lake Wichita Park. Everything feels good, smells good and looks good after a good rainstorm. The rain gauge at Wild Bird Rescue this morning showed a little over 1.5 inches.

I took only a short walk along the chat trail down to the barrow pit. The most notable thing was the number of Eastern Phoebe along the trail. It is not uncommon to see/hear one or two, but this morning there were several phoebes along the trail.

The cardinals have also started to gather into their winter flocks. One flock of approximately a dozen birds was moving from tree to tree.

The barrow pit was full of waterfowl--mostly American Coot and American Wigeon, although there were some pied-billed grebes and ruddy ducks as well.

Summer birds still hanging around were scissor-tailed flycatchers and a lone barn swallow.

Other birds noted this morning were: White pelican, robins, blue jay, Eurasian collared dove, white-winged dove, rock pigeon, great-tailed grackle, and starling.

Good birding!

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