Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beautiful Fall Morning in Lucy Park

I had a light frost on the windshield when I got up this morning--38 degrees according to the thermometer. Bright sunshine and no wind made for an excellent morning for a walk. I decided to go to Lucy Park.

Although I didn't get to see any brown creepers or nuthatches today, I did see my first American goldfinches of the season, mixed with a bunch of yell0w-rumped warblers (better known as "butter butts" when I lived in VA.)

In addition to these birds, the red-bellied woodpeckers were very active and the woods seemed full of Carolina chickadees. I heard several tufted titmice in the woods, but didn't see any of them. Also seen: pigeon, white-winged dove, cardinal, blue jay, starlings, dark-eyed junco, mallard, Canada geese, common grackle, great-tailed grackle, and robin.

Good birding!

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