Sunday, December 5, 2010

Great Horned Owl and a Bobcat

This was quite the morning at Lake Wichita Park. Shortly after entering the chat trail, I briefly saw a large bird flying through the trees. I was 95% certain it was a great horned owl, but it seemed a little late in the morning (8:15) for one. Later, I saw the owl in a tree near the barrow pit and had a good chance to get a decent look at it, so confirming the sighting.

After the owl flew I checked out the ducks in the barrow pit and when I turned around, I could see a bike rider coming over the bridge as well as a bobcat emerge from the swampy area to the left and head toward the trail. It looked like the bobcat and the biker would arrive at the intersection of the trail at the same time. The bobcat paused, just short of the trail. The biker, focused on me and saying, "Good morning," did not see the bobcat just a few feet away from him. The rider went on and the bobcat walked up onto the trail and stopped. I had a good minute to watch the motionless bobcat before he walked off into the overgrowth near the beaver pond.

It was a good morning for birds as well. Other birds seen included: robin, blue jay, cardinal, white-crowned sparrow, song sparrow, fox sparrow, spotted towhee, goldfinch, eastern phobe, slate-colored junco, red-tailed hawk, mallard, American coot, pintail, bufflehead, double-crested cormorant, ring-billed gull, pied-billed grebe, American wigeon, ruddy duck, canvasback, and lesser scaup.

Good birding!

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