Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Don't Forget the Great Backyard Bird Count

Don't forget the Great Backyard Bird Count starts this Friday. I am planning to bird some on all four days. Since I do have some work to do on Friday and Monday, I can't take the entire day off to bird, but I have blocked off time both mornings for a couple of hours and plan to bird a lot on Saturday and Sunday.

For those of you who participate in Project Feederwatch, you can upload your information into the GBBC as well. There are some differences, however. For GBBC each day would be a separate checklist submission. Also, for the GBBC you can count flyover birds, whereas for Project Feederwatch you can only count the birds in your yard using your feeders/water features.

If anyone wants to go with me on any GBBC counts, feel free to contact me at and we'll try to coordinate schedules. I will definitely be at the GBBC count at Wild Bird Rescue on Sunday, 20 February at 7:30 AM.

Good birding!

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