Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dove News

Like everyone else, I had a passel of white-winged doves along with a couple of mourning doves at my feeders during the recent snow/ice storm. Surprisingly, I didn't get any Eurasian collared doves; I was disappointed to have no Inca doves come in. The Incas are not very cold tolerant, so I hope they did OK.

A fellow Texas Master Naturalist sent me a Facebook meesage that she had 9 dead mourning doves on her porch and a neighbor had 5. I wonder what's up with that? I didn't have any at my place. Someone also posted on OKBIRDS that they have had a lot of dove deaths, but they were related to the birds being lethargic, sheltering in a barn and being killed by cats and horses.

There was also a post on TEXBIRDS the other day about Eurasian collared doves that had some interesting information about the expansion of that species in the US. Fortunately, the author posted an article on the topic elsewhere I can share with you.

Good birding!

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