Saturday, February 19, 2011

GBBC Results River Bend Nature Center

View of the River Bend trails from just under the pavilion at the top of the switchback trail.
Since I have more places to bird than days of the Great Backyard Bird Count, some places get birded late in the day. As River Bend doesn't open as early as I like to bird, that means it is on the late list. Late birding is never as good as early morning, so I wasn't expecting a lot of birds, but it was a good short (1 hour) count anyway.
By far my best bird was a great horned owl that flushed from his roost when I passed too close. He was roosting fairly low in the tree. If I had seen him before he flushed, I would have gone around, but I didn't.
Overall a nice walk with a few good birds:
Great horned owl 1
Blue jay 2
Cardinal 2
Red-belllied woodpecker 1
House finch 1
Dark-eyed junco 6
Ruby-crowned kinglet 1
White-winged dove 4
Carolina chickadee 1
Black-tufted titmouse
Cedar waxwing 14
House sparrow 1
European starling 1
Good birding!

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