Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My List for the Houston Audubon Field Trip

Well, here is the list of birds that I saw/heard and recognized from the weekend birding with the Houston group mentioned in several previous posts. This list is not all inclusive of what we saw as several people saw birds that I missed. These are just the ones from my list.

You will see there are some birds that were not seen that are relatively common, but you get what you get when you go out. I tried to group the birds by type--I didn't try to stick with taxonomic order.

Sandhill crane
Great blue heron
Great egret

Long-billed curlew
Wilson's snipe
Least sandpiper
Western sandpiper
Greater yellowlegs

Ring-billed gull
Franklin's gull
Bonapart's gull

Tundra swan
White pelican
Canada goose
Hooded merganser
American coot
Double-crested cormorant
Pied billed grebe
Eared grebe
Horned grebe
Redhead duck
American wigeon
Green-winged teal
Ruddy duck
Ring-necked duck
Northern shoveler
Lesser scaup

Northern bobwhite

Flicker (both red and yellow-shafted)
Red-bellied woodpecker
Yellow-bellied sapsucker

Red-tailed hawk
Ferruginous hawk
Red-shouldered hawk
Sharp-shinned hawk
Northern harrier
American kestrel
Prairie falcon
Great horned owl

Rock pigeon
Mourning dove
White-winged dove
Eurasian collared dove

Belted kingfisher

Eastern meadowlark
Brewers blackbird
Brown-headed cowbird
Great-tailed grackle
Red-winged blackbird
European starling

Northern cardinal
Northern mockingbird
American robin
Cedar waxwing
Loggerhead shrike
Brown thrasher
Eastern phoebe
Ruby-crowned kinglet
Golden-crowned kinglet
House finch
Carolina chickadee
Black-crested titmouse
Yellow-rumped warbler
Lark bunting

Rock wren
Bewick's wren
Carolina wren

Horned lark
McCowan's longspur
Dark-eyed junco
White crowned sparrow
Harris' sparrow
Rufous-crowned sparrow
Vesper sparrow
Spotted towhee
House sparrow
Savannah sparrow
Song sparrow
Swamp sparrow

Not bad for a few days birding.

Good birding!

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