Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow and Ice Makes for Busy Bird Feeders

Yesterday (and so far today) has been excellent for watching feeder birds. I posted the photo of the spotted towhee yesterday morning. I looked out the window later and there were three towhees. The most I have had at one time before is two. I also had a brown thrasher yesterday and already this morning. The thrasher is a very rare visitor to my feeder. The juncos, cardinals and house finches are pretty thick as well as the ever present house sparrows and white-winged doves. I have had surprisingly few blue jays.

I need to "man up" this morning and get out to refill feeders, spread more seed on the ground and spread more bark butter on the tree trunks.

I hear we're due for rolling brown outs throughout the state today, and the roads are still a sheet of ice. Authorities are still asking people to stay home and off the roads unless it is an emergency, so try to stay warm and enjoy all the birds at your feeders.

Good birding!

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