Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Day Feeder Visitors

No surprise that the feeders in the yard have been busy. Although I don't have a good camera and an not a very good photographer, I thought I would share a few photos anyway.

In the first photo you can see some dark-eyed juncos and some house finches in the side area of the yard, picking up seed I scatter on the ground.

When open ground peeks through the snow and ice, there are often special birds coming to the feeders we rarely see. The best bird that showed at my place was a hermit thrush. He came every day, Tuesday - Friday morning. Of course, once the snow/ice started to melt on Friday afternoon, he was gone. I did get a couple of pictures. I wasn't that close and he was in a shady area, but I think if you look carefully you can still make out what he is. The hermit thrush is at the lower right of the next two photos. You might have to click on the photos to get an good enlargement to see well. You can just see the reddish tail in the photos, which was very distinctive.

He disappeared Friday afternoon once the snow and ice melted enough to give him access to the ground again. However, we are due for some more snow tonight and again later in the week, so perhaps he will be back.

Some other good birds not mentioned previously were yellow-rumped warblers and gold finches. Although I generally have some gold finches in the winter, this year they didn't come until the weather got bad.

I went through a lot of bird seed this round. I may have enough for the next front--since Wild Birds Unlimited is not open today, we'll hope so.

Good birding!

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Penny Miller said...

I sure hate it when I make a mistake. The bird in the two pictures I labeled as a hermit thrush is actually a fox sparrow. I get a lot more fox sparrows than hermit thrushes at the feeder, so you wouldn't think I would make that error, but there you have it.