Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finally! Yellow-headed Blackbirds

Picture from Bob Lindsay, Wild Bird Rescue

Every spring I try to be sure to be in the field for the few weeks yellow-headed blackbirds are migrating through. These are such beautiful birds, I don't want to miss them. I was out last weekend looking for them at Lake Wichita with no success and then received pictures from Bob at Wild Bird Rescue that they were having daily visits by a large flock. He sent some pictures--all from a distance, but you can see two of the birds in the photo to the left.

I was there Thursday afternoon and saw a large number, and today I have seen many of them while volunteering at the rescue center.

If you get a chance to get outdoors, you might be lucky enough to see some. They will be leaving soon and you won't have another opportunity for awhile. I would think they would be hightailing it out of this area as quickly as possible with all of the wildfires going on right now.

Good birding!

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