Monday, April 4, 2011

Interested in Volunteering at Wild Bird Rescue?

Baby bird season is about to get into full swing. Although a few doves have been coming in, the songbirds haven't yet. It won't be long. Wild Bird Rescue is recruiting for volunteers to help during the peak months of April - September. Although WBR needs volunteers year around to help with special events and fundraising, volunteers are critical during the summer. How do you volunteer? Call Bob at 940-691-0828. An orientation is currently scheduled for April 23. If that date isn't good for you, fill out the application and just tell Bob that date won't work--other orientations will be scheduled. What do volunteers do? Most volunteers want to work with the birds. For the most part, it is feed, clean, feed, clean, throughout your shift, spending most of the time on your feet. If you don't care to work directly with the birds, help manning the phone, preparing the newsletter, doing laundry, and maintaining the outside landscape are all necessary. If you can make time to commit 4 hours every 2 weeks, please consider at least talking to Bob about volunteering. Good birding!

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