Thursday, June 16, 2011

20 Common Birds in Decline

Once again, Audubon has published their list of birds in severe decline. The information is based upon citizen science projects such as the Christmas Bird Count and the Breeding Bird Survey. I have participated in both many times.

Most of us around Wichita Falls find it hard to believe the Eastern meadowlark would be on the list as it is one of the most common birds found on our counts. Apparently, we are lucky.

But members of the North Texas Bird and Wildlife Club have talked several times about the loss of the Loggerhead shrike and Bobwhite quail.

Personally I am sorry to hear of the decline of the elegant pintail duck (see photo) and the small sparrows. And who would believe grackles are having a problem?

None of these birds is in serious trouble yet. The point is their populations are going south precipitously and it is important to act early, before their populations reach a critical level. If these birds are losing ground, what about those birds with small populations?

Audubon has a "What You Can Do" page with thoughts on how each of us can help preserve bird populations.

Good birding!

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