Saturday, July 2, 2011

Keep the Water Coming!

The drought continues to beat down the people and the wildlife in our area. I am filling my backyard bird bath at least 3 times a day--sometimes more. Since plants aren't doing well either, my feeder is also getting a workout. The seeds don't help the parents trying to feed babies as most (other than doves) need protein food sources, but it helps the adults stay alive.

If you don't have a water source for wildlife in your yard, please consider adding some sort of water feature to your yard. If you can't spend the money on a pond or birdbath, a shallow pan will work fine. If you have some sort of water feature in your yard, please keep it full. You'll be doing wildlife a favor and bringing the birds in so you can have the pleasure of watching them.

Good birding!


emehew said...

I started using the clay saucers made for plant pots as bird baths. I had several so I keep them filled with fresh water daily. I put some rocks in for the smaller birds.

Penny Miller said...


Good for you! Yes, adding rocks to your water source is a good idea. Most bird baths are too deep for smaller birds--the rocks help create shallow pools that are more appropriate for the little guys.

Thanks for posting!