Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Couple of Neat Blogs by People Doing Neat Things

I posted before about a Big Year blog I was following. Matt Stenger has been doing is low-budget big year and is up to 670 species of his 716 goal. It has been really neat to follow Matt's big year adventure and to read how he has worked through some of the issues in his personal life on this journey. I'm rooting for Matt to hit his birding goal before the end of the year. Even if he doesn't, I dare say it's an adventure he wouldn't trade. He's a great photographer so his blog is loaded with pictures of the birds he has seen along the way.

Bird Man Walking is another blog I just discovered due to Twitter. Brad Storey is walking with his dog across the US to bring attention to bird conservation and support the Important Bird Areas program. He is over 600 miles now. Audubon is accepting donations. This blog doesn't have pictures--it is all text. It appears his daughter is posting what he calls in. He posts his cell phone number regularly and accepts calls. He is trying to figure out how he will make his way across Texas. I hope the Texas Ornithological Society (TOS) gets involved in helping him, especially in west Texas.

Good birding!

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