Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Creating a Bird Garden

When we moved into our new house almost a year ago, I was disappointed with the birds compared to our previous house and began immediately to start improving the habitat for birds and other wildlife, especially butterflies. Many of the plantings will take time. I did note today the red admiral butterflies all over the backyard. Butterflies are more numerous this year than I can remember due to the weather, but still, they  are in OUR yard.

We're still working on the birds. I came across this blog post, Creating a Bird Garden, I thought worth sharing. Although written for a northeast US audience, the points are germane in our area--although the plants might be a little different.

I still have a few years' work to get my yard the way I want it, but we've made a start. I look forward to a greater variety of birds as time goes by.

Good birding!

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