Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Used Book Find

I was browsing at Hastings and as always, checked the Clearance section. I don't often find a great book there, but for $0.99, I can't pass up the chance to look for a bargain. I certainly found one recently.

I picked up Birding Essentials, by Jonathan Alderfer and Jon L. Dunn. This book is focused upon bird identification and has a wealth of information on the topic. Numerous photos and a clear explanation of birding terminology make this a must-have basic book. In addition, the book contained an explanation of field guide features, the basics of binoculars, and a chapter on fieldcraft in addition to the thorough explanation of bird identification basics. At the same time, most experienced birders will find something worthwhile in the book.

If you can't find the book in the bargain book section of your favorite book store, you can find it on Amazon for $10.63.

Good birding!

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