Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bird Walk at Lake Arrowhead State Park

This month's bird walk at Lake Arrowhead State Park will be this Saturday, May 12, beginning at 7 AM. Meet at the firewood shed--this is behind the first camping area on the left after entering the park. Park entry fees apply.

The Texas Ornithological Society began promoting bird walks in the Texas state parks to encourage people to visit and better appreciate the parks as habitat for birds. I'll be leading the walk this month. Many thanks to Terry McKee from the Rolling Plains chapter of the Texas Master Naturalist for leading the walk last month.

This month's walk happens to coincide with the International Migratory Bird Day.

The formal part of the walk will end by 8:45 as I am scheduled to do a Texas Nature Trackers Mussel Watch at 9AM. However, participants are welcome to continue to enjoy the many activities at the park (to include more birdwatching!)

I hope you can come out and enjoy the birds. We are getting a lot of migrating shorebirds right now--hopefully, we'll have a chance to see some at the park. I'll be posting the lists from my weekend birding soon.

Good birding!

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