Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big Day Coming November 25

The Wild Bird Rescue Big Day fundraiser is Sunday, November 25.

Wild Bird Rescue, Inc. has a two-fold mission: to rescue, rehabilitate and release wild birds and to educate the public about wild birds and wild bird issues.

This past year Wild Bird Rescue added a raptor aviary and a shorebird aviary and expanded its education program by adding several birds of prey and an amphitheater on site. This increased the number and types of birds Wild Bird Rescue can keep, but also added significantly to the operating costs, as raptors and shorebirds are expensive to feed.

The Big Day is a marathon event to find the most species during a particular day. The Big Day will be from 7 AM - 7 PM and will cover Wichita and Archer Counties. Last year, the team covered over 200 miles and recorded 98 species. The goal this year is 100 species--if the weather is good, that's possible.

Wild Bird Rescue is looking for birders for the team. If there are enough birders who want to participate, competing teams could be arranged. Contact me if you would like to take part.

We are also looking for pledges. You may pledge a flat amount or per species. You can email me your pledge or you can go to the Wild Bird Rescue website and use the "Donate" button--just put "Big Day" in the comments so your donation will be credited to the Big Day event.

It isn't necessary to be a part of the team to pledge.

To follow the progress of the team on the Big Day, you can look for posts on the Wild Bird Rescue Facebook page or follow me on Twitter at @birdwithpenny (that Twitter feed will also show up on this blog if you don't have a Twitter account.)

Please help this organization continue to provide these programs to the community.

Good Birding!

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