Thursday, February 11, 2016

Big Day Team One Has a Name!

Chihuahuan Raven
For the past few years, a group of birders has been doing the Big Day for Wild Bird Rescue. Since originally there was only one team, we didn't have  a name. Last year, we had three teams. Two of the teams came up with names--my team was just called Team One because we were the first team. That was a little blah, but we just didn't take the time to come to an agreement on a name.

This year, it appears we will have four teams. Team One decided to take the plunge and come up with our own name. So we will be the Raven Lunatics. Suits us, I think.

Two of the other teams are the Sitting Ducks and the Chickadees. No idea yet what the fourth team will call themselves.

So when you send in your donation to Wild Bird Rescue, be sure to put "Big Day--Raven Lunatics" on the memo line. You can also donate online. Again, be sure to put the same memo in the comments section in PayPal. And of course, I will be happy to pick up any donations from you. Just email me at

Good Birding!

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