Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Big Day for Wild Bird Rescue Wrap-Up

Sitting Ducks and Raven Lunatics run into one another at
the Chat Trail and compare notes.
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Hawley.
L to R: Joy, Penny, Chuck, Warren, Sue, and Janet.
Not pictured: Katherine and Elizabeth
Sunday, March 6 was the Big Day for Wild Bird Rescue. Three teams covered Wichita, Archer and Clay counties to find the highest numbers of species of birds for the day.

It's not just about the birds. Beautiful giant swallowtail seen
on the Chat Trail in Lake Wichita Park.
It started out a beautiful morning, but about 10 AM a front moved in with high winds, greatly increasing the difficulty of the task. However, in spite of that, we had a good day. This year, the Sitting Ducks took bragging rights with 75 species for the day. The Raven Lunatics had 74 and the Chickadees, 67 species. The combined total of species was 97.  We still can't quite break that 100 species total. It's possible, but not easy.

Many thanks to Dianne and Chuck Thueson for hosting a post-count dinner at their home so the teams could compare lists and relate the day's happenings. Our team, the Raven Lunatics, logged over 150 miles driving and over 20,000 steps walking. Good exercise, birding.

I haven't heard the final fundraising totals. It isn't too late to donate--the baby birds will be coming into Wild Bird Rescue all too soon, so your support is important. You can mail a contribution to them at 4611 Lake Shore Drive, Wichita Falls, TX 76310 (be sure to put "Big Day" on the memo line.) You can also donate on line at their website. Again, please put "Big Day" in the comments. If you really want to make my day, you can add: "Raven Lunatics." But in the end, the important thing is the donation. All of the teams worked hard.

Here is a consolidated list of birds from all three teams.

American coot
American goldfinch
American kestrel
American robin
Bald eagle
Belted kingfisher
Bewick's wren
Black vulture
Blue jay
Blue gray gnatcatcher
Blue-winged teal
Bonaparte's gull
Brewer’s blackbird
Brown thrasher
Brown-headed cowbird
Canada goose
Carolina chickadee
Carolina wren
Cedar waxwing
Chipping sparrow
Clay-colored sparrow
Common grackle
Dark-eyed junco
Double-crested cormorant
Downy woodpecker
Eastern bluebird
Eastern meadowlark
Eastern phoebe
Eurasian collared dove
European starling
Ferruginous hawk
Field sparrow
Golden-fronted woodpecker
Great blue heron
Great egret
Great horned owl
Greater scaup
Greater roadrunner
Greater yellowlegs
Greater white-fronted goose
Great-tailed grackle
Green-winged teal
Harris' sparrow
Herring gull
Hooded merganser
House finch
House sparrow
Inca dove
Ladder-backed woodpecker
Least sandpiper
Lesser scaup
Lesser yellowlegs
Lincoln's sparrow
Loggerhead shrike
Mourning dove
Northern cardinal
Northern flicker
Northern harrier
Northern mockingbird
Northern shoveler
Orange-crowned warbler
Pied-billed grebe
Pine siskin
Purple martin
Red-bellied woodpecker
Red-shouldered hawk
Red-tailed hawk
Red-winged blackbird
Ring-billed gull
Ring-necked duck
Rock pigeon
Ruby-crowned kinglet
Ruddy duck
Sandhill crane
Savannah sparrow
Sharp-shinned hawk
Song sparrow
Spotted towhee
Swainson’s hawk
Tufted titmouse
Turkey vulture
Vesper sparrow
Western meadowlark
White pelican
White-crowned sparrow
White-faced ibis
White-winged dove
Wild turkey
Wilson's snipe
Yellow-rumped warbler

All I have to say it, "Wait Until Next Year!"

Good Birding!

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