Saturday, May 30, 2009

Double-crested Cormorant

Earlier this week, I saw a single double-crested cormorant flying across a field. Yesterday, a flock of five. I was thinking it was a little late to see them, so checked the area checklist, published by the North Texas Bird and Wildlife Club. The last siting date in this area, according to the checklist is June 3, so my internal sitings calendar was a little off.

Good birding!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Turkey Vultures

This morning about 7 AM I was driving down Seymour Highway and saw over 50 turkey vultures circling over the recently acquired 80 acres for park land. I usually don't see that many unless they are migrating. It was quite a site.

Good birding!

Catching Up

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted--seems like just a few days. Time flies, as they say.

Last week, on one of my round trips to/from Cresson, I had a wading birds day: great blue heron, cattle egrets, green heron, little blue heron and a great egret all seen from the car at various points along the way. The green egret was flying down the middle of the road as if it was pacing my car.

Wild Bird Rescue is picking up. I volunteer as a rehabilitator there on many Saturdays and we are at the point where the work load is busy but a person can keep up. Within the next week or two, it will be hectic and I will hope to have at least some volunteer help. It appears promising--on my last Saturday I had a very nice couple helping out, who appear to have the right view of the job. It is harder than most people think, with a lot of manual, dirty labor. Many prospective volunteers find it is more than they want to take on, so I really appreciate those who hang in there during the long, stressful summer. If you might be interested in learning more, call Bob Lindsay at Wild Bird Rescue at 940-691-0828.

Good birding!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Barn Owls

Newly hatched barn owls. Photo courtesy of Bob Lindsay at Wild Bird Rescue.
Today I made a trip to Wild Bird Rescue and had a chance to see the smallest barn owl nestlings I have ever seen. A local family was demolishing a barn on their property and found 5 nestlings (and an egg). Usually we receive nestlings when they are all white and fuzzy.
In spite of being new to the world, these guys were hissing like the bigger birds and had the typical barn owl attitude.
What a privilege to have the opportunity to see these little guys.
Good birding!


Tuesday I made another round trip to Cresson, TX. Usually, I am watching for birds the entire way. Although I did see some birds, I have to admit to being distracted by the profusion of wildflowers. This time of year is my favorite (well, right there with the fall.) The sides of the roads and the fields were covered with wildflowers.

Two weeks ago, most of the stock tanks were nearly empty; this time almost all were full to overflowing. Also, the fields burnt by wildfires last month are once again green (although there are a lot of burned trees still very obvious.) It is amazing what a couple of days of rain can do. I am going to enjoy it before the heat burns everything to a crisp in another month or so.

Good birding!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


The white-crowned sparrows are still here--it makes you wonder how they will have enough time to raise a brood when they return to the north. But according to The Birds of North Central Texas, the bird checklist maintained by the North Texas Bird and Wildlife Club, the birds are normally here until mid-May.

Out the window at Wild Bird Rescue today is a small flock (5 birds, at least) of clay-colored sparrows sorting through the wet vegetation for seeds.

Good birding!

Migratory Laughing Gull 28 April

I was driving back from Iowa Park on FM 369 on Tuesday, April 28 and saw a migratory laughing gull.

The next day, I was driving back to Iowa Park on 287N after a rain and say several dozen cattle egret at the drainage ditch on the side of the road.

Mississippi kites have returned.

Good birding!