Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hunter at the Feeders

When I got up this AM, I had a bevy of birds at my feeders, especially doves. Among the doves, there were 10 white-winged doves, 1 lone mourning dove and 2 Eurasian collared doves. And then there were a dozen or so juncos, sparrows and finches. And then, suddenly, nothing. That happens occasionally--the birds get spooked and fly off, to start coming back almost immediately. That didn't happen; no birds came back for a couple of minutes. That usually means a predator is in the area.

Sure enough, a Cooper's hawk flew past the window and landed a tree in the front of the house. He sat there for a few mintes and then went across the street to a tree. Another Cooper's hawk then flew over the area. A Cooper's would love to have a white-winged dove, and I have a few to spare, so I wish them luck.

Good birding!

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