Sunday, November 7, 2010

Little Peeps

This morning in an earlier post I indicated I saw semipalmated sandpipers. There were several at the top of the Lake Wichita Spillway.

I looked at the checklist for the North Texas Bird and Wildlife Club and according to that checklist, there should not be and semiplamated here right now. The closest would be least sandpipers. However, I know birds do not read the checklists and bird guides.

I have carefully studied several field guides, to include The Shorebird Guide and Shorebirds of North America. I really do think they were semipalmated--the white tail feathers on the side of the tail were noticeable in flight, but the center is dark. White wing stripe in flight fairly noticeable. However, since I am not an expert on sandpipers, I am not prepared to defend my ID to all, so take the ID with a grain of salt.

Good birding!

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