Friday, April 22, 2011

Big Day in Texas Underway

Each year the Cornell Lab of Ornithology holds a Big Day in Texas fundraiser to support bird conservation projects. This includes the Lab's citizen science programs, eBird and various Lab conservation activities.

A big day is a competitive 24-hour event to find the most birds. You may compete only with yourself, but usually you are hoping to find more birds than anyone else who has done the big day in a particular area. In this case, Team Sapsucker is trying to break a previous 261 bird record. Team Sapsucker has been scouting their route for days to ensure they know where the birds are in advance of the day. In our area, a really intense big day might turn up 80 or 90 species, so you can see they are in a good location for birding.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to raise money. In this case, the financial goal is $250,000. You can follow Team Sapsucker on twitter today (@Team_eBird)--right now they are running behind.

So enjoy the fun and support this worthwhile organization. By the way, there is a contest for a free pair of binoculars associated with the video clip link above.

Good birding!

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